Legal Areas

First Time Offender/ARD

The First Time Offender/ARD option was specifically designed to help first time offenders navigate through the criminal justice system by allowing offenders to join
a program designed to rehabilitate those who are unlikely to commit another crime. Offenders may be able to avoid jail time, criminal convictions, and driver’s license suspension period under Pennsylvania Law. In order to qualify for Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition (ARD), you must be a first time offender arrested and charged with minor offenses, such as possession of a small amount of drugs, nonviolent misdemeanors, or DUI or DWI.

Music Contracts and Law

At some point in a musician’s life, they will be asked to sign a contract. and they will be expected uphold their part of that agreement. It is in any musician’s best interest to get legal advice from a qualified lawyer before entering into an agreement. It is important to have counsel that can assist in making the best decisions  that may have a long‐term impact on a musician’s career.

Criminal Law

Whether you’ve caused all of your own problems, or are just an unfortunate victim of circumstance, it doesn’t matter to me. Some of the issues I have handed include:

• Criminal Cases/ARD
• Landlord/Tenant Disputes
• Wills/Power of Attorney
• Summary Offenses
• Traffic Violations/DUI
• Domestic Relations
• Unemployment Law
• Music Industry Contract/Copyright
• LLC Formation