Philadelphia Entertainment Lawyer

Entertainment Lawyer

Whether you're planning an album or producing a reality television program, don’t start your project without consulting an entertainment lawyer. Daniel Katz, Esquire can assist you in your efforts to obtain outside funding, acquire necessary source material and licensing, protect your creative works, and consult on the distribution of your product.

There are so many legal nuances in the entertainment industry; you need to be focused on creating, not the legal issues. Give Daniel Katz, Esquire a call for a consultation today.

Music Lawyer

While it is not always a priority for most creative folks, your art is a business. There are many issues that may not be the first thing on the mind of artists; corporate formation for bands, record label and book publisher contracts, movie studio dealings, and monetizing your work are often neglected concerns. Add in the fact that thanks to the internet, web streaming, digital radio, and album leaks are prevalent everywhere, you need a consultant who understands the nuance of today's music scene. From working with underground independent bands and labels, to larger scale "big names", Daniel Katz, Esquire understands what it takes to "make it" in the music industry.

Songwriters, composers, and stage performers alike often need legal representation to navigate the complex world of music law. Going into agreements blindly will result in you being taken for a ride. The industry can be predatory, and you need an experienced guide. Whether you are working out a royalty contract on a new single or the usage rights of a project you’re involved with, don’t proceed without experienced legal representation.

Unfortunately, when anything is created it can be stolen. This is also true with your music. You need to protect your work, and also make sure no one else claims you have taken theirs. Copyright of your music is critical, and understanding where issues may arise can require skilled assistance. If you're a musician, and you have questions, call Daniel Katz, Esquire. He acts as an aggressive advocate on your behalf to allow you to focus on doing what you love.

Media Lawyer

Whether you are involved in television, film, broadcasting or any related media, you may need an attorney to help you write or understand contracts, comply with regulations, or resolve any kind of related dispute. Daniel Katz, Esquire helps clients protect both traditional and digital media, and if you have any questions about first amendment rights or usage rights, he is versed in those facets of the industry as well.

An experienced media lawyer can also help you in adversarial situations. Daniel Katz, Esquire can deal with contract negotiations between talent and management, and if you find yourself in legal trouble over content libel and slander, disparaging advertising, or any other concerns, don't hesitate to reach out today.

Intellectual Property Protection

The modern media landscape is more complex and diverse than ever before; IP law must cover a broad variety of physical and digital formats.

Competitors will search for and exploit the loopholes in your legal documents, and that’s why we recommend finding a qualified lawyer to guide you along the way. From trademark and copyright issues to domain name and business litigation, Daniel Katz can serve as your IP lawyer and help you protect your rights and avoid issues.

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