Philadelphia Landlord Tenant Lawyer

Landlord Tenant Lawyer

Disputes between landlords and tenants can happen anywhere, but disagreements are even more prevalent in areas with large renter populations like big cities such as Philadelphia.

Large security deposits are often at risk, and confusion over lease terms, required notices to involved parties, and building use can lead to serious issues. If you are a tenant with concerns about your rights, call Daniel Katz, Esquire today.

Tenant Lawyer

Do you think that your landlord has violated your rights as a renter in the state of Pennsylvania? If your landlord has violated the terms of your lease in some way or has violated the law, you have every right to contact a lawyer to attempt to remedy these issues. You may also need to litigate and seek damages in court.

Maybe your landlord is refusing to make necessary repairs; landlords are required by law to provide a “livable” space, so if you believe this to be the case, let Daniel Katz, Esquire know.

Eviction Lawyer

Eviction is a difficult procedure for both the tenant and the landlord. Because of this, there are strict guidelines in place for building owners to follow if an eviction must take place. As a tenant, if you believe your landlord is evicting you in violation of your lease, in retaliation for you exercising your rights, or in violation of the law, and not because of bonafide legal reasons, you may be able to fight your eviction in court with the help of a skilled and experienced lawyer.

Even if there are good reasons to evict you from your apartment or house, your landlord has to follow state mandated procedures. A landlord may not take issues into his own hands by locking you out, threatening you, or resorting to other extreme measures.

If you have any reason to believe that you are being evicted for illegal reasons or through illegal means, call Daniel Katz today. He will guide you through the process and stand up for your rights in court.

Commercial Rental Agreements and Residential Leases

An experienced lawyer will know what a lease or rental agreement should include, and a proper contract will save you lots of headache down the road. Errors regarding even a minor technicality can mean the loss of rights.

For a tenant, the right lawyer can help you stand up for your rights in court if needed. Daniel Katz, Esquire can fight illegal eviction procedures, discrimination, and more. Get in touch today if you have any questions about rental law in Pennsylvania.

For a landlord, Daniel Katz, Esquire has experience drafting lease agreements that protect your rights and your property. When a landlord invests in a property, it is important to make sure that their property is protected, and that they can make money off of their investment without having to worry about violating the rights of their tenants. A properly structured lease is critical to make sure this is a reality.

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