Philadelphia Real Estate Lawyer

Real Estate Attorney

Whether you are a buyer or seller of residential property, you need an experienced attorney to help you draft contracts, write leases, and interpret legal agreements.

Daniel Katz, Esquire can help you buy or sell, and you can rest assured that his first priority will be protecting your interests and setting you up for success. From initial offer to negotiating details of the sale, he'll assist with your real estate legal needs.

Residential Real Estate Lawyer

Are you in the process of buying a house, condo, or other residential property? Before you shell out the down payment or sign the agreement of sale you need the assistance of an attorney. Failing to consult with an attorney before you take these important steps can result in you buying into problems and issues you didn’t know even existed.

Once you’ve signed an agreement, now what? It's time to make sure everything goes smoothly from now until closing. A residential real estate lawyer can help you negotiate with the other party home repair costs raised by the inspection, look over any contractor agreements you need to sign and represent you at settlement. You can't just bring the house back with the receipt and get a full refund! You need an experienced lawyer to help you navigate the purchase or sale from beginning to end.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, you should contact a lawyer. Real estate brokers work for commissions and don’t get paid unless the sale goes through. Their interests are not always the same as yours and they are not your advocates. An attorney will work for you and review all of your legal documents, negotiate on your behalf to make sure that all disclosures and terms are fully compliant with the law and assure that your rights and interests are protected.

At times, the seller has MORE to worry about than the buyer, and as such, will need good guidance. You don't want to end up sued by the buyer for an honest mistake. Daniel Katz, Esquire can help with all documents needed to sell your property, and do so with peace of mind.

Commercial Leases

Are you looking to lease a commercial property for your small business? This can be a daunting experience with many legal and practical operational concerns.

  • Is the zoning right?
  • Do you need a use certificate?
  • Who will be responsible for build out costs and construction permits?
  • Who will be responsible for maintenance and upkeep?
  • Are there local noise ordinances about which you should be concerned?
  • Do you want an option to renew at pre-negotiated rates?
  • Will you be required to personally guarantee the lease?

These are just some of the issues you need to think through and address, along with a host of other detailed legal issues in a commercial lease so that you end up with a location that enables you to operate your business to make it a success. Consulting with a lawyer is a must. Daniel Katz will be there for you.

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