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Small Business Lawyer

Getting a small business off the ground is no small task. There are numerous state, municipal and even federal requirements and procedures that must be met. It almost always requires the assistance of a small business lawyer to navigate the morass of regulatory requirements and to structure your business in the way that best makes sense for your circumstances and needs.

Daniel Katz, Esquire has experience working with small and mid-sized businesses, and more importantly, he is invested in making your venture successful. If you have any questions about forming a business, compliance with regulatory requirements, contracts or have a human resources question, get in touch for a consultation today.

Contracts Attorney: Drafts, Reviews & Consulting

Writing contracts correctly is a critically important part of running a business. Small wording mistakes can change the level of protection granted by these documents, cause you to lose rights and protections you need or even worse, cause you to be out of compliance with various laws that govern businesses.

Lawsuits do not have to be an inevitable part of being a business-person and it is always best resolve disputes if possible. By using an experienced contract attorney, you can limit your exposure, resolve issues and can worry about the important stuff; running your business.

If you need us to review a contract, need assistance in negotiating or drafting your terms and conditions, or need assistance in a renegotiation of an existing contract, Daniel Katz, Esquire can be of assistance. Get in touch to learn more.

Business Formation Lawyer: LLC, C Corp, S Corp

Do you know what kind of business structure would work best for your goals? It can be hard to choose from a sole proprietorship, LLC, S Corp, and more. You can’t plan with only short-term goals in mind; structuring your business with long-term goals in mind can save time and money. There are many complex issues involved, and the choice should not be taken lightly.

By working with a business formation lawyer, you can get professional guidance on your most formative documents: your business plan and your business structure and registration. While many online services offer "quick" and "easy" solutions, the mistakes that may come with this "easy" way can be costly and time consuming. It's best to get it done right the first time.

Daniel Katz, Esquire can help you choose the right kind of business entity for your goals, and he can make sure you are fully compliant with federal, state and municipal regulations that are applicable to you.

Human Resources Lawyer

Whether you already have employees or you are planning to hire in the future, legal guidance is imperative. Employees are a costly and rewarding investment, and you shouldn’t treat hiring lightly. From working with part time subcontractors to hiring team members full time, an HR lawyer can help you get your internal rules, regulations, handbooks, insurances, employee structure, payroll and other essential items ready to expand your team.

While PA is an at will employment state, many things can modify this status. Documents such as an employment contract, non-disclosure and non-compete clauses, and pay structure agreements are important aspects of any employment relationship. Whether you're an employer or an employee, understanding the drafting, terms and application of these documents is invaluable. Let Daniel Katz, Esquire assist you in any way you may need.

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